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Collaborative Script Development 

Michael often works collaboratively with directors and dramaturgs during the play production process. Through this, he has found unique opportunities to fine-tune a script and make it more effective. 

"Michael is invested in involving communities in the creation of his pieces. He has graciously listened and incorporated the feedback of fellow artists and audience members alike in his playwriting. 


To work with someone who is both receptive to feedback but also discerning about his writing goals is a great pleasure." 

- Jessica Ordon, dramaturg and literary manager for Native Voices at the Autry

Michael is always working on something new, and actively looks for opportunities to develop plays through a working relationship with a director, dramaturg, or producer. 

"Small Little Safe World is a story about human connection and how far you will go to change who you are to receive that connection you long for. It follows a man who has to break from himself completely to figure out who he really is and what connection he is really searching for.


I got to work with Michael closely with a dedicated group of actors to mold this piece into what it is today. Michael is great at hearing what actors and directors say about the characters and implementing them into the story. It was great to work with a writer who was so open to collaboration and building something that was true to the characters and the actors playing them."

- Bo Powell, director and casting director

"Working with Michael Eichler is an actor's dream. As a playwright he is thoughtful, deliberate and clear in the visions of his stories, while respectful of the contributions that the actor makes to each play's development. 


I've had the opportunity to be involved in the developmental stages of three of his plays and have witnessed Michael's keen interest in creating pieces that challenge audiences, bring clarity to difficult situations and inspire us to be our best selves."

- Tiffany Tang, actress and writer

If you are a theater artist who is interested in this type of creative collaboration with a playwright, get in touch!  

"He has an ear for authentic dialogue and isn’t precious about his work, making collaborating with him a great joy." 


- Seema Sueko, Deputy Artistic Director for Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater

Contact Michael through our contact page

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