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Portland production of Meet Me in the Dark partners with Girls, Inc.

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of participating in the production process of one of my plays in Portland. Meet Me in the Dark is being produced by a fantastic theater company called Salt and Sage Productions in partnership with Girls, Inc.

After Asae Dean of Salt and Sage read the script, we spoke at length of my desire to bring the play to Portland and have her direct the effort. Portland has a theater community that welcomes new works and supports their development. I was thrilled when she agreed.

Her company had a great reputation and a tradition of developing new plays with female themes and characters. With her involvement I knew the script would reach its’ full potential.

The most recent development with the production is a partnership with Girls, Inc., an organization that provides after school programs to help girls grow up to be healthy, educated, and independent. Their mission is to inspire girls ages 6 - 18, and to create an equitable society.

I was very happy to hear they were interested in partnering with this production, because Meet Me in the Dark focuses on two teen girls and their relationship to each other and to the world around them. Through the lens of these two young women, the play examines friendship, betrayal, self-help society, and poverty.

Girls, Inc. will be linking one of its’ many outstanding efforts, a program encouraging girls to be the first in their families to attend college, with the production. The girls will be involved in everything from the rehearsal process to talk backs after the performances. This will be a true community effort and I hope you can join us for the show.

One of Asae’s many strengths includes assembling excellent casts. Meet Me In The Dark features the talents of Melanie Moseley, Lissie Huff, Kiah Hart, and Nora Pearson.

Meet Me in the Dark will be performed at the ShoeBox Theatre in Portland, Oregon from March 2 - 19. Tickets are available online now. See you there!

Greetings from Mike in front of the ShoeBox Theatre

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