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Full Length Plays 


Meet me in the Dark

Full Length - 2 women, 2 teenage girls

Setting - Altoona, PA

Synopsis - Andi is flourishing at her high school; Eleanor cannot wait to escape. A chance encounter between their mothers sets the girls on a collision course in this examination of friendship, betrayal, self-help society, and poverty.



Holy Name

Full Length - 2 women, 2 men, 1 boy

Setting - 1960’s Buffalo, NY

Synopsis - Holy Name is the story of a working-class family in 1960’s Buffalo, NY. The matriarch of the family - Mindy - is suffering from a mental illness which expresses itself in verbal abuse and physically-threatening behavior. The men of the family - father Van and brothers Ron and Mickey - devise a plan to get Mindy treatment, but when it backfires it sends the family - especially youngest brother, Mickey - into a deep psychological battle of determination vs. free will, family obligations vs. a happier life.

"...the most deeply felt, high-stakes, well-paced script I had read all year." - Nic Adams on Holy Name



Repulsing the Monkey

Full Length - 3 Women, 3 Men

Setting - Pittsburgh, PA

Synopsis - Danny and his sister Janey inherit a working class bar after their parents die in a car crash. They decide to sell it to one of two competing couples, from New York and from Los Angeles, who are out to gentrify the neighborhood. The potential sale causes second thoughts and a reexamination of their family and neighborhood.

"The play, the setting, the characters and conflicts were all so real and alive for me..." - Kevin Six on Repulsing the Monkey



Heart of a Lion

Full Length – 3 men, 1 woman

Setting - Pittsburgh, PA

Synopsis – Pete is widowed, retired and lonely, living in a single room occupancy hotel. With him is a tiny lion puppet, Leon, who comes alive through Pete’s imagination. He wants the young hotel desk clerk and coffee shop waitress to date and hopes to reform a young gang member by acting as his mentor. Leon and Pete are unstoppable until Pete meets a challenge he can’t overcome.

One Act Plays 

Hepner Hall

One Act - 3 college-age women, 1 male professor

Setting - The rooftop of Hepner Hall, San Diego State University

Synopsis – Three young female social work students climb to the roof of a campus building and threaten to jump if better efforts aren’t made to address poverty in inner city San Diego. Their professor is proud of their efforts until it appears they are actually going to jump.



One Act – 2 males, 1 young boy, one female.

Setting – A Portland Oregon single room occupancy hotel

Synopsis – A brother in recovery wants his nephew to visit him at the SRO. His sister discovers  the next door neighbor is a convicted child molester. The young boy visits and old family wounds surface.

"His characters are relatable and engaging, his stories are provocative and timely and working with him is always the best of experiences...- Tiffany Tang, actress in SRO produced by New Village Arts and Playwrights Project


The Poker Room

One Act – 3 males, 2 females

Setting – Seedy, legal poker room in inner city San Diego.

Synopsis – Tensions fly as racial changes in the neighborhood spill into the poker games.


Ten Minute Plays

Jewish 101

Ten minutes – 2 females, 1 male

Setting – Classroom

Synopsis - Two non-Jews receive training before marrying into Jewish families.


The Two Remaining

Ten minutes - 2 males

Setting - Las Vegas buffet

Synopsis - Two friends come back to Las Vegas for the first time since their wives died.


The Examining Room

Setting - 1 male, 1 female

Synopsis - A married couple wait for the doctor to discuss the wife’s cancer diagnosis.

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