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Michael Eichler is a Buffalo, NY born playwright living in San Diego, California. His blue collar roots and experiences with powerlessness led him to a lengthy career as a community organizer. In that role he worked with low-income people to transform communities across America.   

Years later, Michael discovered playwriting as an outlet for his anguish when his wife was diagnosed with Cancer. The play he wrote as a result – his first ever – was selected and produced as part of an international play festival (happily, his wife recovered). That inspired him to write a succession of plays that have been well received by audiences throughout the United States.  

"Michael Eichler's plays present flawed and fascinating characters who grapple with issues of relevance. He cuts to the raw truth and leaves the audience thinking long after the lights go down.” 

- Cecelia Kouma, Executive Director at Playwrights Project

Michael’s plays – which are centered on problems faced by working class families – have been produced in partnership with many community-based nonprofit organizations. The productions have raised thousands of dollars for these organizations and shed light on the issues they are addressing.  

"ROSE isn’t a theater company, we’re a nonprofit working to revitalize a low-income neighborhood. We had a great experience working with Michael Eichler and PassinArt Theatre Company to produce his play, Repulsing the Monkey.


Through the play, ROSE was able to connect with people in the neighborhood in a new way and start a conversation about the effects of gentrification."


- Nick Sauvie, Executive Director

ROSE Community Development 

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