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Los Angeles premiere of Small Little Safe World to be directed by Bo Powell

Upcoming: Small Little Safe World, a new play by Michael Eichler

Small Little Safe World is the story of Dave, a middle-aged lonely man with no living family and only one friend. He works as a motel desk clerk and eats his meals in a diner where Sammy, his only friend, works.

One day, Erin, a young woman strikes up a conversation with him in the diner. After a date, she is interested in seeing him again and offers to meet him in his apartment.

They seem to hit it off and she leaves a kindle filled with age play stories (people roleplaying as ages other than their own) and tells him that if he is interested in enacting her stories, she would be interested in a relationship with him. Dave agrees, and they create a series of roleplays where he plays the "daddy" and she becomes younger and younger.

Dave becomes immersed in the fantasies that Erin has created, but the line between fantasy and reality proves to be fragile.

Directed by: Bo Powell Cast: Dave- Pete Navis Erin- Julia Coulter Sammy- Ryan Lisman

You can buy tickets in advance! Join us for one of the following performances: 8pm - Friday March 29 8pm - Saturday March 30 2pm - Sunday March 31

8pm - Friday April 5 8pm - Saturday April 6 2pm - Sunday April 7

Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center

North Hollywood, CA

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