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Kevin Six on Repulsing The Monkey

When Michael Eichler came to me with Repulsing the Monkey, it was love at first sight. The play, the setting, the characters and conflicts were all so real and alive for me (I still see the bar clearly in my mind a little more than a year later).

To make matters better, Mike had arranged for us to do the play in an actual bar.The series of events that led to the bar, the jukebox (an integral part of the play, almost another character), and the cast, reminded me that certain things are just meant to be. You could almost hear the gears and wheels of fate turning to make the play a success.

During auditions, rehearsals, tech week and the run of the show, Michael and I acted with nearly the same mind -- certainly with the same vision of the play. We even used a photo of Mike and me in the set. It was taken during a rehearsal and we just looked like we belonged in that place Mike created. I'm pretty sure we called him "Uncle Mike" for the rest of the production. What a great time it was.

- Kevin Six, director, actor, and writer based in San Diego

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