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The House Where Nobody Lives premieres in New York: How does it feel to return to the theater?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I was very moved by this production of The House Where Nobody Lives, for many reasons. The audiences were so reactive and enthusiastic. The production team was extraordinarily passionate and hardworking. And the performances of the ensemble were incredible.

After many, many, long months without it... how do you describe the feeling of finally communing with friends and artists? It's hard to put into words.

Let's just say I couldn't have asked for a better reintegration into the theater.

The House Where Nobody Lives in NYC

Directed by Ethan Labourdette

Written by Michael Eichler

Produced by Shiomara Gonzalez


Bonita - Aïssa Guindo

Jamal - Ian Marshall

Mickey - Mike Meth

Lizzie - Sabrina Rudden

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