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Welcome to the home of Michael Eichler's body of work and latest news.  


Formerly a community organizer, Michael's plays are centered on problems faced by working class families. 

"Michael is a unique playwright in the American theatre. His generosity of spirit, intelligence, talent, and trust in his collaborators make him a joy to work with.” 

- NY Director Nic Adams, on Holy Name

Productions and Readings 

Visit Michael's play repertoire for synopses and more information on his scripts. 

Productions of his plays have raised thousands of dollars for many community-based nonprofit organizations and shed light on the issues they are addressing.

If you have a theater or production company interested in producing one of Michael’s plays, please get in touch. 

"His plays often present issues and ideas that audiences are anxious to discuss in an open forum– and I know so because I have seen such enthusiastic reactions to his plays, as an audience member, director, and dramaturg!" 

- Jessica Ordon, dramaturg and literary manager for Native Voices at the Autry

"As a community mental health provider, we were thrilled to support the staging of Michael’s play. The performance was powerful, and a stark reminder of how complex mental illness is and how enduring traumatic stress can be for a family struggling with these challenges."

- Eric Sévos, chief strategy officer for Cascadia Health, who partnered with Salt and Sage production of Holy Name

Collaborative Script Development 

Michael is particularly interested in collaborating on new work with directors and theater artists.  

In many instances, Michael has worked closely with a director or dramaturg, actively workshopping a script based on a director’s notes and observations during the production process. 

He has found great success with this type of artistic collaboration, and enjoys the working relationship involved with developing a play. Read more on this process. 

Latest News

Buffalo State Theater Department | Nov. 18, 2023

Michael Eichler, '72 alumnus and playwright, and Kyle LoConti, director, collaborate with Buffalo State Theater Department student performers to bring a reading of SIXTY NINE SEVENTY to the JVL Alumni & Visitor Center. Learn more and purchase tickets

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