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Michael Eichler's play HOLY NAME is heading to London

Updated: Mar 6

My play about growing up in Buffalo is heading to London. Hope to see you there! Learn more and reserve tickets.

Holy Name in London

Fri, May 3, 7:30 PM GMT+1

A new full length play by Michael Eichler presented by Irrational Theatre, in association with The Courtyard Theatre.

Adapted to a UK setting by Peter Hale.

Directed and Designed by Paula Chitty.


Bill (Father) | Graeme Culliton

Lindy (Mother) | Beth Sanderson

Michael (Youngest son) | Jim Mapplebeck

Ron ( Son ) | Freddie T

Judy (Lindy’s Sister) | Elizabeth George


In a 1960’s neighbourhood a working class family struggle to find unity in a home of psychological battles and chaos. Paying the price for free will, Holy Name asks how peace can be found in a home that has never known it.

This is a 12+ event.

Be advised this play offers stark depictions of mental illness and domestic abuse.

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