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Playwright Michael Eichler partners with ROSE Community Development and PassinArts in Portland

It was a pleasure to witness the Portland production of Repulsing the Monkey this past May. So many talented organizers and artists came together to make it happen.

This would not have been possible without the hard work and creative visions of ROSE Community Development and PassinArt: A Theatre Company.

"ROSE isn’t a theater company, we’re a nonprofit working to revitalize a low-income neighborhood. We had a great experience working with Michael Eichler and PassinArt Theatre Company to produce his play, Repulsing the Monkey.

Through the play, ROSE was able to connect with people in the neighborhood in a new way and start a conversation about the effects of gentrification."

Nick Sauvie, Executive Director

ROSE Community Development

Thank you to director Jamie M Rae, and to the hardworking cast and crew. Michael can't wait to come back to work with the vibrant Portland theater scene again soon.

Photos from the production:

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